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Gaycor Technology, LTD

Gaycor Technology Limited is a telecommunications business that is located in Manchester, England. Founded in 2017 by brothers Stuart and Warren Ferster, Gaycor is the follow-up company to one of their other successful businesses, Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC UK) and their other profitable family-run ventures. Both Stuart and Warren bring their unique skills to the table when designing a company, and their attention to company culture is one of the reasons they stand out from their competitors.

Warren Ferster is a UK-based business professional and leader with decades of experience in the IT field. His impressive work history includes taking on the roles of CEO for Coral Products, an injection-moulding plastic factory and CEO for the Gaynor Group. This company extruded polyethylene film printed on upscale shopping bags for Marks & Spencer and Tesco, among other stores.

Warren is known for consistently creating open-door, creative environments within family-run spaces. Encouraging creativity is one of Warren’s top priorities. Likewise, his brother, Stuart, is also an entrepreneur and relishes the concept of creating something positive out of nothing. Together, they are co-Executive Directors of ITC, known for specialising in several tech disciplines, including software development, marketing, and tech support. Since ITC’s inception in 2004, The Fersters have consistently expanded their efforts, creating the need for a broader scope. This is where the idea for Gaycor was derived and the reason it has become so successful.

Gaycor LTD understands the priceless commodity that is social media. The Internet and vast array of social networks require a forceful, trained team of strategists to steer companies in the right direction so they can target products without wasting valuable talent, time, money, or other company resources. Not every social profile suits every industry or demographic, and Gaycor LTD is comprised of the team. 

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